3 Months Worth…

I’m pretty much already into the mindset where I leave Malaysia in January, and separate myself from everything and everyone here for 4 long years, maybe more.

With. No. Regrets.

I have about 3 months, give or take, to settle everything back here and prepare myself for a “New Life”

I have no doubts as to whether I can make it, I just feel somehow, that I can.

Do you think, that I am overconfident?

To tell the truth, I think I am, but I also know this is the only way I can succeed…

By knowing that I CAN.


Cempaka has taught me well, that

“Nothing Is Impossible.”


I think,

“Impossible things just take a little longer”



One Response to “3 Months Worth…”

  1. so, ure really goin huh?
    gonna miss u 😦

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