I have Tetris installed into my phone.

I have to say, that it is essentially, everything a game is supposed to be.

It’s self-challenging, motivated and addictive.


I also like to think that the creator invented this game based on Life.

You see, in Tetris, you get these infernal blocks that never stop falling,

and it’s your job to try and make the pieces fit, but in the end somehow, you can’t.


But then, you press a button or two, and you try again, and again, and again.


So I guess I learn that,

In Life, you don’t always have the right pieces,

But that’s alright.



4 Responses to “Tetris”

  1. nicholos96 Says:

    erherm,erherm…And who was the one who sent u tetris?? xD

  2. Lol. If I remember, it was my cousin, who also happens to have a blog. =P you can see it on your right, under Hao Yi XP

  3. nicholos96 Says:

    uh..dun u remember that nicholos96 is HAO YI!!!

  4. I know lar =.=” hahaha

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