Traveling: Finding cheap, good quality accommodation –

My parents LOVE travelling, and so the family does our best to go on a well-deserved holiday once in awhile.

They seem to always have a problem finding suitable accommodation though, especially since we’re not exactly a small family, with not an exactly large budget.

In fact, I usually end up in a sleeping bag on the floor >.<

Well, then I found this site over here which pretty much almost saved my back from any further torment. (I said almost! >.< )

So I really recommend it for those fellow travellers out there, or teenage kids who are tired of literally rubbing shoulders with the floor (Show this site to your parents!!) is a free hotel reservation website comparison engine, that helps you look for the best quality, services provided, rates and etc. of hotels around the world. In short, in saves money and time effortlessly.

This service actually compares over 30 hotel reservation sites, and lays down results for you neatly and efficiently, it works really well! XP


It is simple to use, and this can be seen from Page 1 itself, you’ll be greetd by this:


Also, search result are simple, neat, with optional search choices to rival a dating service XP :

Change the Red to Blue and… Facebook much? =P


Finally, booking a room or room(s) is fairly easy,

After you’re done getting your room the only thing left to do is… Moan over a lighter credit card. =)

Enjoy ;P


2 Responses to “Traveling: Finding cheap, good quality accommodation –”

  1. nice website.. would be best if you found a air fares comparison site as well 😀

  2. I’ll start working on that then =)

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