Looks Shouldn’t Matter THAT Much…

Remember the adorable little girl with the amazing voice who opened the Beijing Olympics?

Well, I thought she was amazing.

Now I know she’s literally too good to be true .

The harsh truth is, she lip-synched it. Another girl, who “didn’t have the looks” sang it.


I know that our world is one that takes it’s image seriously, but this could be seriously damaging to a young child’s confidence.

Even if she was wonderfully gifted with such a sweet, angelic voice, and had the chance to sing for the Beijing Olympics,

Wouldn’t she be forever haunted by the fact that they rejected her, and only acknowledged her as a voice?

They may have their reasons, but I want acknowledge her here as one of the best young singers I’ve heard.

Regardless of how people think her looks are “not suitable” for TV.


Read the article here…



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