It’s my time

First things first, I got a basketball hoop/stand thing now =P

*Cousins screaming in background*

Yea, and a beautiful new basketball.

And new clothes.

And boots.

And jackets.

And new books.


The best thing is, this doesn’t even include the “Leaving The Country Shopping Spree”

Anyways, I’ll have a farewell/house-warming party before I leave the country in January.

I’ll update about that after my SPM. XP


I realized that things move way better when I don’t worry about them.


I’ve been getting everything I’ve wanted, and more.

Even better, I’ve reassessed my priorities, because they’ve been getting really jumbled up for awhile now.

The best thing anyways, is being able to be confident about myself now.


I’ve never really been the most confident person, but forcing myself into doing things I’m normally too shy of doing, saying things I’ve always been too cautious of saying, and standing straight when I I most want to slouch…

I’m not afraid of hurting anyone now, I can take care of myself.

I’ve learnt the rules, now I’m going to break them.

No more wide-eyed innocence, sickening sweetness, foolish tears, idealistic dreams.

Anything that held me back from my dreams.

I’m disregarding the worst, and only taking with me the best in my emotional baggage.

Selective amnesia has it’s uses =)

I’m up for me now.




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