Boots… Guest Writer

It all started with Hao Yi going,

“There’s a creepy pair of boots in the living room, staring at me. It looks evil.”


So, imagine what it will look like in a text message XP

“Derz a cweepy pair of bootz in lvg room, @.@ at me. It evil.”




Anyways, I shall now invite Hao Yi, my cousin, (blog on the right) to be today’s guest writer. =P




*leaves room*

*comes back*(forced by Juin/ Lex)


*Attempts to leave room again*

*Realizes door has been locked.*

*screams silently*


Hi! I’m Lex’s favourite annoying cous who is forced to write somethin here…



*Silence again*


*More silence*


Pls visit my blog,at ur right —>(Hao Yi) 

*Distracts Lex with massive collection of “Friends” and jumps out window*


Lex: Damn.


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