Highlights+Makeover= Posing Session

The day I got my highlights, Ash and Meg dropped by in the evening.

We got bored, and they decided to do a make-over on me.

So I aka Project Gothic Lala, was..



Note: I haven’t got all the pics yet, only a few which I took from Ash’s blog —>


Here’s when Meg and Ash were trying hard to get me to wear fake eye-lashes, which I didn’t want >.<


Here was how I look like, after they pasted the wierd things on me =S haha

This was one of the “outfits” we played around in, my new furry warm coat! XP

Me and Ash, trying out my hat collection. =P Love my new fedora ;P

Here are me and Ash, me being the cocky gothic bridesmaid, and her being the exotic floral bride =P


Stay tuned for more


2 Responses to “Highlights+Makeover= Posing Session”

  1. omg. how vain can u get?XD

  2. Apparently.. Very XP

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