Bandung, Indonesia

Yes, I know, I’m late in updating XP


See, I was in Bandung for  5 really great days.

The food was amazing.

I ate like a ton

Cause the local food was just SO amazing, the hawker’s really know how to please a hungry customer =P

The shopping was relentless.

There were times when you drive into housing areas and realize that more than half of the “houses” were actually boutiques.

And there was one boutique I really liked, even if it was a little pricier than the usual.

It was on a parked bus.

LOVE the concept.

I also kept finding myself being drawn to this Front Page boutique in a nearby mall.

It was fashionable chaos, there were either only one or very few of the same articles of clothing, scattered across the heaps of clothes.

It was the kind of shop where you dug real deep before finally getting something so amazing at a pretty good price that you would feel it was

really worth your while.



The Kawah’s (Craters) were really interesting.

As well as the hike up to them.

The first one we went to was at an average temperature with tons of hawkers and wares. I even got in 2 pony rides before the hike XP

The hike was pretty long.

But getting there was worth it.

There were pools of steaming water around where our friendly tourguide and a nearby hawker showed us tons of interesting things.

For example, blowing cigarette smoke near a steaming hole brings out more steam,

Boiling and eating an egg under 4 minutes in the hot pools


A natural mud pack using the pure mud formed by magma found in hidden crevices.


The second one was a pretty long drive from our hotel, Sukajadi Hotel. (Amusingly, the direct translation is, Love-to-be Hotel.)



It was called Kawah Putih,

and it was FREEZING.

I have no idea how Ash managed to survive up there in shorts, camisole and slippers 


According to her,

it’s her cute seal-like qualities,

Or fat.




That aside, the view, was magnificent!!!

The weather was pretty volatile though, so prepare yourself


Also, we saw about 3 seperate just married couples dong their bridal shoots here, that’s how amazing the place was


Another thing was this Hot Springs Recreational Park, I went twice on it’s awesome Flying Fox and scalded my skin while relaxing in the boiling metallic water.


Anyways, gotta go work on some stuff now, I got NexGen camp tomorrow

See ya all in a bit


One Response to “Bandung, Indonesia”

  1. You’re blogging about ur life again?? XD
    I’m back frm Hong Kong and i dunno whether Steph told u,but i got a great surprise!!

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