It never really hit me until I saw that Christmas tree you know..?

The fact that it was going to be the last Christmas all of us will spend together.

That this year was the first and last year I would have a Christmas tree in my house.

And the last one I’ll get to decorate with my family.


By the time I come back, hopefully with a double degree in my pocket.

The rest of the cousins will be leaving on their own educational forays…


This post is dedicated to my cousins of the Lim family =)

Who I will miss the most.


Steph, heading to Hardin Simmons and who will most probably be the only relative I’ll get to hang out with over the years. Cheers to the 16 and more years we’ve spent together. Always reliable and responsible, she still knows how to have fun =P Cheers to sleep-overs, random laughing fits, jumps on the bed and all that XP

Jon, forever the annoying guy who taps you on the other shoulder and expects you to turn the other way =.=” Also the guy who just simply cannot approve of my songs =.=” (Except Thanks For The Memories, and that’s just expected XP) Anyways, take care of yourself without your sister there to do it aite?


shower first, D-R-Y, THEN T-shirt XP

Hao Zhe, you’re really one of the more responsible cousins, and you’re really matured for your age. Height-wise as well XP I still remember our parents made us do that duet on the piano and violin, and I kept losing the tempo >.< Hope that doesn’t happen at the Farewell =S haha.. Though I’m using a guitar this time. Fingers crossed XP

Hao Yi, you are the ultimate Entertainment Freak dude XP I mean… Top scorer in Catchphrase under the Entertainment category? =S hahaha.. Well, at least I’m assured you have lot’s of Friends =P hehe… And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll beat my PMR record, and if all else fails, my SPM =S (Though i’m still ripping my hair off about it until the results get out XP)

Lucas, you are the most infuriating cousin, and the funniest XP You know how to take a hit, both physically and verbally =P Just work on your academics a little okay? You know how parents are =/ heh

Ethan, the one I call Butterball XP I will always laugh whenever I remember the time in the car when you led the entire car into a chorus of,


“Awimbawek, Awimbawek, Awimbawek, Awimbawek..

In the jungle, the mighty jungle,

The lion sleeps tonighttt..

When he farted,

The world erupted,

The lion sleeps tonightt..”


And we always erupted in laughter before managing to finish it properly XP Anyways, you’re getting better than me in basketball man, keep it up and I bet you’ll beat me next time when I get back =P And you better start ignoring me when I point and say, “Food!”. Or I’ll just keep stealing your ball  XP

Jing En, I’ll miss your hugs =) And the kisses. You really know how to show unconditional love. Your brothers better take care of you, and NOT TEACH YOU WEIRD LAUGHS AS YOUR GROW UP, or else! *hint* 

Emma, when you’re old enough to read this, know that I’m sorry I won’t be around to see you grow up. But know that you have a ton of wacky cousins to substitute for me, and also parents who love you as their own =) Always smile, and if anything, know that I used to sing to you when you woke up after a nap when you first came =P (Probably the reason why you woke up maybe =S) ahaha.. Sorry =S


I guess I’m getting emotional over stupid things… Except I can’t bring myself to actually say that it’s stupid. It’s so serious in fact, that you guys made me TEAR UP after the Christmas present opening =(


*Escapes to room to emo-call friends*

Anyways, I would also like to thank a few friends who have been there for me to fill up my empty days and nights. But it’d be selfish to take up family space, and it’d be better if I dedicate a whole new post to them..

Till then, goodnight to all =)


And to quote Lilo and Stich.


“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.”

Always remember that cousins


7 Responses to “Cousins”

  1. hey girl… u so gotta update me man..hahah were r u going? what r u studying? lolx.

  2. Hahah.. I’m heading to University of Mary Hardin-Baylor =) Belton, Texas XP And I’m taking a double degree in IT and Mass Comm

  3. Omg!! This post made me tear up too!! Good Luck in US!! Pls,do NOT come back with a “Texas accent”..

    Or a boyfriend…


    Gonna miss you~

  4. Awwwww….. I was crying when you wrote this post….. even though you’re just downstairs…. I’m really gonna miss you!!!! pls remember me, you little annoying sister….. yea… like hao yi said… dont come back with a Texas Accent and a bf….. and pls… pls…. dont stay there forever!!!!!! Me will miss u…. *sniff sniff

  5. Lol. ‘Texas accent’ I doubt, a bf… We’ll see XP hahaha.. Doubt it though, they’ll all be around Shaz’s size, and freak me out a lot XP haha.. N don’t worry jia, annoying sisters are the hardest to forget =S lol. And I’ll be back to Malaysia, it’s in my blood. Don’t worry XP

    Miss y’all. Ciao

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