Rare pic I took on my new cam =)

 Sorry I’m taking so long to update! Been really busy.


Here’s the lowdown:


I had 4 flights in the past 3 days.


Visited Narita, Japan. (With high tech toilets)


Overnighted and stuffed face in El Segundo, LA. (Also saw surfers and skaters)

Saw military personnel at Dallas, heading to Killeen. (With heavy packs)

Met a lot of REALLY nice people at University of Mary Hardin Baylor. (Seriously friendly and chun)

Went shopping at Walmart, Target and Bed & Beyond. (Actually not bad =P)

Ate pizza and had a brownie sugar rush at the cafeteria. (Isk’s are still better though =/)


Played BASKETBALL (Was so long since I really played XP)

Watched Pride and Prejudice, repeating the ending like.. 4 times. (The part that makes all the good feelings well up inside of you.)

Enjoyed a day of warm Texas weather before the winds blew in and turned me into a walking icicle. *Breaks fragile-ly*

I miss all of you back home, please bear with me while I get settled down and panic less. =)


6 Responses to “Sorry!”

  1. hey…. through this post… i can see ur’re having fun…. do u miss us???? all of us miss u soooooooo much!!!!!!! btw… the pic kim kim gave before u left is still with me… i forgoten to give it back to u… sorry ya…. haha!! i heard the uni has a basketball court…. its so nice!! haha!! its ur dream come true!!!! basketball!!!!!! hahahah!!

  2. OMG!! You like,updated ur blog!! XDXD haha…Really miss ya’ll…~

  3. Nice Pic’s n Yeah everyne’s missin’ u down here to …. TC … Lots of love …. ~Russ~

  4. I look so fat in that jacket!!!! XD XD

    you played b.ball?? Its freezing cold here wei. Don’t even wanna go out. >.< I haven’t even uploaded my pics yet too. Hehe.

  5. haha.. Miss you all too =)

    And th weather was pretty warm today actually XP played bball and church and all =)


    and btw, relink me!

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