Uni Life

Well, I’m taking Computer Science as my major =)

And these are my classes:


Rhetoric and Composition 1

Basically critical reading and argumentative essays. Learning how to read and write better =)


Freshman Seminar

Just an introductory course to UMHB for the noob that I am =P


Introduction to Computer Science

Right now just the basic terminology and some base 2 conversions. Later going into HTML and C++ programming.

Fun. =P


The Living World

Biology. Enough said. XP


General Psychology

Study of behavorial science. =S A little tough, but worth studying =P



Compulsory credit based course for everyone =)


You know, the weird thing is, a month ago, I was just another high school kid..

But now, I get to look the college kids in the eye and go,



One Response to “Uni Life”

  1. Found this post on the “related topics” thingy. Totally, yeah. Uni rulez! 😀

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