Of Wedding Rings and Culture Shock Things

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon, and everyone else seemed to be asleep, I just finished a game of basketball, and was walking around before heading back to my dorm..

Lo and behold,

I saw a couple of people hanging around one of the more scenic areas of the campus..

In my mind, I think, “cool.”

*Starts to head toward them to see what was up… Then stops… Dead in tracks*




It was a bridal shoot.

On campus.

Of 2 students about to be married.


Well, one thing I realised over here in the US, is that most people here in uni are either in a serious relationship, engaged, or married.

And it’s normal for them to think about marriage in high school too apparently.

But it kinda freaks me out a little.

I mean, we can be so alike…

But yet we just think SO differently some times… 


East Meet West by ~SAMLIM on deviantART



C’est la vie


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