On… Absolutely Random Stuff – Search Engines

Ola to all the random readers who’ve stumbled upon my blog.

Most probably due to the wonder of technology, the search engine.

Where the many varieties of wonderful engines have fought long and hard, to claim the deserving title of “The Best” The two most worthy contenders would be, “Google” and “Yahoo”..

Now, name-wise, as we study the two search engines, Google proves a very interesting 2 syllables that simply fits well in the mouth and flows off the tip of your tongue. Catchy, it had already become an actual word from the time it was created.

Yahoo on the other hand used a safer word. A word already found in the dictionary, and that could also be exchanged with “Eureka!” Meaning, “I have found it” Therefore claiming to bring success.

Which name do you think suits the search engine most?


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