Frosty Grass

It was extremely cold last night, and it caused me to hit “Snooze” when the alarm I had set at 6.00 am went off. This caused me to wake up at 7.15 am and…

Suprise, suprise…




I rushed to get ready for my 8 am class

(General Psychology)


Threw on whatever warm stuff I could find

(It was COLD out there)


Brushed my teeth and washed my face.

(Maybe even the other way round =S)


Stumbled/ Crunched through icy frosty grass to Hardy Hall, hopefully for a quick 10 minute breakfast before class.



Was greeted by even-more-than-usual near-emptiness.

*Crickets chirp*



Then some friends walked in…

Leisurely to enjoy their breakfast..


“Morning! =) Aren’t you glad classes got postponed today?”




4 Responses to “Frosty Grass”

  1. wow you wake up at 6! I wake up at 6 30.

  2. wow you wake up at 6! I wake up at 6 30. I also hit the snooze button this morning then eric came over and knocked on my door and said lets go eat breakfast. I had a ton of free time to do nothing.

    p.s. if youre some random person reading this comment lex has the best website in class!!!!!!! im so jealous!!!!!!!!

  3. and I’m so jealous she has such good friends!!!! xD

  4. She has the best website among her family too…

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