The world is in chaos,

Demanding tides, overwhelming.

I dive within the waves,

And savour each cool second, so embalming.

But this oasis I linger in,

Is laid siege by a surge.

Urging me to the surface,

Reluctant as a funeral dirge.

I break through the surface,

and back into this storm.

Where how I survive,

Depends on how I perform.

If I should swim fast,

Lest I find it too late.

Or if I should swim slow,

Lest my strength should abate.

But for now I breathe in,

The salt of the sea,

And plunge underwater,

Where there is just Me.

Please do understand,

I have a lot of things on my mind. And I also have a lot to do here. I may have time, but sometimes, people just need a break from everything, and not do anything. To just stay in one place, and think about things, to not do anything but relax, and breathe, and pray.


One Response to “Rest”

  1. Understood….

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