The King, Unity, Solution, Bloggers, Freedom, Opinions and Responsibility

From the original source, MSN Malaysia:

Malaysia’s king appeals for racial unity

Malaysia’s king on Monday appealed for unity in the multi-ethnic nation, and hit out at bloggers whom he said were causing “confusion” among the population.

“We are sad that despite 50 years of independence, racial issues are still being raised and debated,” Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin said in a speech at the opening of parliament.

“The various races and cultures must be united and become a strength of our nation. The rights of each citizen (are) enshrined in the constitution which must be defended and respected,” he added.

The king also criticised bloggers, who have unleashed an unprecedented discussion on race, religion and politics in a country where the media are strictly controlled by the government.

“We also view seriously the issue of groups that are easily led and believe lies and false news that are spread by certain groups including blog sites that have caused confusion among the public,” he said.

Race and religion are sensitive issues in Malaysia, where deadly race riots broke out 1969.

Some 60 percent of the population are Muslim Malays and the remainder are mostly ethnic Chinese and Indians, as well as indigenous tribes.

“The constitution places Islam as the religion of the country along with the freedom to practise other religions. We want to remind all groups to respect this situation and not question it,” the king said.

His comments come amid complaints of growing “Islamisation” by minority groups who say their rights are being eroded.

Their disenchantment was a major factor in general elections last year which saw the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition suffer its worst ever results, losing a third of parliamentary seats as minorities shifted to the opposition.


I’m actually kind of glad that people are aware of issues, and are not ignoring them or having a “tidak apa” (Don’t care) attitude towards them. It means that the problem has been identified, and any science student knows that in any problem solving situation, you need a problem. It’s time we got out of our comfort zones, united,  and start solving our problems before things get out of hand. Like the Malay saying,

“Kalau tidak pecahkan ruyung, mana dapat sagunya.”

(One cannot achieve one’s objective without making the effort or without sacrificing/expending some resources. Or as a certain site said, “One cannot make the omelette without breaking the eggs.”)

Bloggers have often been under attack, probably cause we are almost impossible to control, and because we are given almost complete freedom of speech. It’s good in a way, to express oneself, but again, it’s also good to take other people’s perspectives into consideration, and to think of others before oneself. There are many people in this world, not everyone thinks like me, but I can always put in my two cents, as others can as well.

These are opinions, whether one agrees or disagrees is completely up to oneself, but you can always learn from others, as others can learn from you.


And that’s my two cents for the day =P

2 Responses to “The King, Unity, Solution, Bloggers, Freedom, Opinions and Responsibility”

  1. i cant be racist cause im literally a malaysian (mixed chinese, malay, indian…etc)XD
    if i was id b racist with my own kind!

  2. Hahaha.. Point taken XP haha.. =P

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