Spring Break 09 (1)

I can’t upload the pics yet, my camera is out for the moment, plus I have exams by the ton =(

But anyways, I can say it was definitely most tiring and satisfying.

Here’s what happened on Spring Break. (Part one)



Got back from class, cleaned room, packed for Spring Break and got chased out the dorm at 5pm. (Left on the dot too. XP)

Went to Bush’s Chicken for dinner with Cynthia, Meredith, Carolyn, met up with Alex and Heath there briefly.

Headed to church for briefing and prayer, left bags there, met Meredith’s family, short dance practise.

Stayed overnight at the D House with most of the girls.



Woke up

Ate pizza and doughnut for breakfast.

Went to Church.

Ate a doughnut.

Took pics with people.

Ate another doughnut (Shipley’s glaze doughnuts were YUM)

Loaded up on luggage and got into the SUV with Mark, Robyn, Cynthia and Meredith.

Slept most of the way, chomped on snacks, chatted a little, listened to the recording on relationships and the one on the family

Reached Echo Lounge in Edinburgh http://www.echohoteltx.com/

Room assignment was with Leslie, Cynthia and Meredith.

Went to eat my first “authentic” Mexican meal. Beef Cheese Nachos and tacos.

Made Reggie (tinfoil man. Pic will be uploaded soon.)

Took pics.

Tidur. (Sleep)



Went to Lifehouse church

Small group practices. (Drama and Dance [Stand Up, Grits])



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