Moments Like These

Sometimes, the best moments in life that make you take a step back and appreciate what you have, can end up being the most simple, and un-astonishing things.


Attempting to prove that too many cooks CAN be good for the broth, and failing.

Enjoying the pizzas that were paid for, split 3 ways, after cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.

Laughing, all cooped up in a car, trying to find the right road again.

Crowding around a laptop to see the delicious array pictures taken over the months.

Climbing trees and looking up at the stars in the cold, still sky, quiet among the leaves.

Eating skittles and debating furiously on the virtues of the yellow ones.

Playing with straw covers, while others stare on.

I am grateful for these moments, may I always be blessed with moments like these…

For they remind me of my Father in heaven, merciful to the undeserving.

2 Responses to “Moments Like These”

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