4 Months already?


It’s strange how I look back, and realize that 4 months have already passed since…

I sang one last song with my best friend at a farewell party.

I had the pleasure of being tossed into the pool by Nex-Gen-ers.

I had the greater pleasure, of pushing/pulling them in.

I got to enjoy home-made cookies, packed to travel, made with “lots of love”

I got to enjoy taking pictures with a brand new camera, inside Ampang Point, at Delifrance.

I got to wake up a friend who had passed out on the couch after drinking only half a can.

I got to wake up and go to breakfast with 3 awesome friends.

I got to jam and perform with cousins and friends.

I got to spend time with Scarletti.

I got to enjoy a family Christmas.

I got to bicker with my sisters about what they could take from my room.

I got to sweat in the heat and humidity.

I got to eat at a mamak stall.

I got to unwind in my room.

I got to play basketball at UKRC.

I got to keep my nose to the grindstone in Cempaka.

I got to enjoy the “rajin-ness” and the “poyo-ness” of all the maths clinic crew.

I got to attempt to come up with a dance with my Modern Dance team.

I got to swim in my own pool.

I got to “couch potato”, and have a Rambo marathon.

I got to eat Durian.

I got to be in Malaysia…

I miss home..


10 Responses to “4 Months already?”

  1. Can I “like” this post? (:

  2. Sure, no prob! =P haha

  3. =( I miss you too…. come back soon..!!!

  4. Haha…that pic is missing one very important person…

  5. we miss u:( I MISS U 😦

  6. Hi there,
    Where are you from? Is it a secret? 🙂
    Thank you

  7. Jon Foong Says:

    hahaha.U miss next gen youth so much that u starts to find it as a pleasure of being
    thrown in2 the pool. I can confidently say that we,Next Gen Youth of Metro Tabernacle miss you too.

  8. Awh.. Miss y’all too. And yes Hao Yi, I’m aware of that =P hahah.. *Photoshops* XP And being thrown into the pool is fun aite? =P Heh.. Awesome especially when your fully clothed semua. XP

  9. not when both ur phones are in ur pockets! one of my phones recovered..the other one however…:(

  10. Sorry Grandma!! >.< haha..

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