Taken at Edinburgh, Texas, at sunrise.

No matter which part of the earth I travel to or stay at,

There will always be a sunrise.

A time where those who were blinded for a time can open their eyes, and see for themselves,

The Creator’s true light.

I have done much wrong in my life, and I have been blinded many times before.

I have acted on impulse, regretting words and actions I have strewn across my ugly life, even as I say or do them.

And no matter how hard I persist in apologizing, and no matter how long I hold on…

I can never fully erase past wrongs.

But maybe there’s a reason there is such darkness, such blindness in my life.

A reason that is simple enough for me to grasp.

I think…

It’s so that my sunrises appear more glorious, more brilliant, and more precious.


One Response to “Sunrise”

  1. hey, no one is perfect..
    n there’s no challenge in life if there’s no mistake, ayte?

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