Bullying Among Girls

Warning: Shows excessive violence.

Malaysian School Girls Bullies.For more funny videos, click here

Apparently, the girl getting bullied said something bad about one of the other girls. So they’reall ganging up on her, really pissed off, and trying to get her to admit that she said it.

She keeps denying it, and gets pushed around (to put it lightly), then some guys step in (Prefects maybe, by the look of the ties.), and try to fend off the other girls. But then, once the girl being bullied is “protected”, she screams a loud “Mei You” (I didn’t) and runs off, with all the other grls chasing after her.


3 Responses to “Bullying Among Girls”

  1. man, she was raped.
    although i dun understand chinese languages, but i still think they’re fighting for something stupid.

  2. Actually if u read the update, you’ll understand

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