Summer Holiday

Sunset Beach
Image by Chris Gin via Flickr

I kinda regret studying and working during the summer now.

What I really need now is a few days at a beach.

Cause I really miss the sea.

One day, I’ll own my very own island.

Someplace I can call home.

A place worth sharing with everyone.


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6 Responses to “Summer Holiday”

  1. ehhhh. I haz one. ^^ In vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. xDD nono, I’m serious. You should go see it. And when U haz one, I’m so going there. For free. *wink wink* heeheehee.

  2. Ehhh. Fine. Lol. Come, we go then spend everyday at the beach. I MISS Lang Tengah la… 😦

    • Haha.. Let’s go! XP And yea, I miss it too =( *sniff* Darn blue coral closed down though =( I want it backk…

  3. ehh. u go open it up la entrepeneur. xD and i’ll expect at least one free holiday there. heehee. OR if u need help, ask MEEEE!

    • I’ll try =P hehe.. One day. And of course you guys will come as guests and all =P hehe.. And help with working and all on the resort =P Haha.. Any ideas? =P

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