Malaysia to teach Maths and Science in the Malay Language

The Government has announced that Mathematics and Science will be taught in Bahasa Malaysia effective 2012.

I am seriously shocked by this news as Malaysia has already made that mistake when the British left, the change was remedied soon after, but the consequences were a drop in English effectiveness throughout the nation, this made us almost unfit for the international job market. Also, how will we be expected to communicate internationally in any scientific or mathematics field.

I’ve already had trouble here in the US learning the English terms of some stuff in my college algebra class, and that’s just terms that high school kids know. It would be embarrassing if working adults apply for jobs in international companies not knowing a proper English definition an average Western child would know.

It’s not about losing our culture here, as I learn Malay in school too, and I even did some tuition doing math questions in Malay. It took me some time, but understanding the question in Malay was easier since the concept had already been well delivered in English. After all, I already know Malay.

Sadly, if everything were to be done in Malay, we be cut off from an international market, which could lead to a world of our own, where we’d think we’re the best, but sadly lacking in other aspects.

If you share my views, or not even, go vote on the governments decision at his link:


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