Coffee beans

Coffee 3 by ~Austintatious on deviantART 

I’ve recently developed an obsession with coffee…

And when I say coffee, I don’t just mean the delightfully dark ambrosia that is derived from the inner cores of glossy black-brown beans,

But also the swirling thick cream,

The heavenly aroma which wafts and engulfs you,

The light whisks of clouds melting sweetly into the golden brown concoction, and last but not least,

The delicious heat trickling down your throat from that cup in your hands.

It takes a real connoisseur, a fully practised practitioner in fact… That is why I plan to spend some time moonlighting as a barista.. If only to mix a regular Cup O’ Joe for Mister Regular Joe 

(After all, real customer service demands a Mister/Sir. 😉 )

So I love coffee, go on, sue memake my day, I dare you,

But leave my coffee alone darn you.



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