color blind by `saligia

My generation, or the Gen Nexters/Millenials, as they are referred to often, are said to regard Expression and Acceptance highly in their lives. They are more open and accepting than any generation before them, reveling in their expressions of individuality, even as they consider their peer’s acceptance important.

Racial, religious, lifestyle orientation boundaries have dissolved slowly, and opinions, thoughts and views are no longer pure black and white in our eyes, but merely shades of gray.

We have become colorblind, and are aware of, as Richard Nisbett (a cognitive scientist featured in the May 09 issue of Forbes magazine) puts it (in regard to how Asians and Americans think), “[…] If you’re pointing to difference, you’re assuming superiority of your own culture. That’s just nonsense.”

I feel that it is important for me to be honest to yourself about who you are, as well as accepting of others and their own selves. I believe that even if you disagree with someone on certain things, there are ????? #// of people on earth,

I honestly doubt everyone thinks exactly like YOU.

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