All Messed Up

Cluttered space
Image by Yuba College Public Space via Flickr

Here’s the thing…

I’m a mess.

Whether it’s my room, my closet, my desk, or my To-Do list.. I really don’t think anyone could be anymore unorganized or better than me at procrastination, or as the book I’ve recently reviewed in The Brand newspaper puts it, “the art of slacking” The book’s title? Aptly named Slacker Girl, by Alexandra Koslow.

Reading that book (obviously in a defiant act of leisure), I’ve can truly understand how ridiculous it may seem to put a career as the center stage of your life. However, I do look at it as a challenge, but one that lasts as long as it will go. When watching “Varsity Blues”, a football movie based in West Texas (Which my ex-football player boyfriend tells me that the portrayal of what football means in that culture be very true), I heard a pep talk that I wished I had heard back when I was on the basketball team. I’m not much of a speaker, so I think I’ll put this video clip on here for y’all to hear it in person. (1:55 -2:08)

In the meantime, I’m heading off to clean my act up.

Wish me luck 😉

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2 Responses to “All Messed Up”

  1. I absolutely adored Jane aka Slacker Girl that I read a few months ago and reviewed on my blog, I can’t find information on this writer…is your review posted on the web somewhere?

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