This Curiosity…

Longing for freedom...
Image by Tommy Fjordbøge via Flickr

Mr. Curiosity – Jason Mraz

This songs just reels me in, with it’s beautiful melancholy piano, quirky lyrics carrying a pleading tone, vibrating deep into my heart and soul…

I feel sometimes, when you get burnt, you take precautions to not get burnt again. It’s a smart decision in my opinion, but I also think that never making fire again is excessive. Also, knowing the stubborn spirit inside of me, I may never stop taking chances, no matter how many times you hear the ambulance wailing towards me in frustration (Not again!).

See, I’ll learn from my mistakes, yes.

But I don’t want to be a case of “learned helplessness“, where tall walls intimidate and exhaust me into despair and defeat, to the point that when they are replaced by a shorter fence, they mock at me while I stand, not daring to try to escape again…

Not believing in myself, no longer breaking through obstacles…

Now, wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

So won’t you help me, Mister Curiosity?


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