“Salad” Culture

Please no more salad by =MissHeroin

“My salad’s bigger than yours!’

It irks me a little that the lowly salad has been elevated to the point that when people go out to feast, men and women alike have been instructed to restrain theirselves from GOOD FOOD! And be told to content themselves with little more than flavoured liquids drizzled over lettuce leaves.

 In my opinion, when I attend a buffet or intend to pay for a meal, I would gladly exchange cash or credit for something that would please both my internal organs as well as my aesthetic ones. But a pile of leaves, whether designer, gourmet, fresh, organic or not… Even if it’s covered in caviar, cream, cheese, croutons or meat slices, does not exactly filter into my idea of a “meal”.

 I believe it is just wildly overrated, and that as long as you eat and live healthily, it is not required that you focus on buying products that the media sells as “Low-Carbs”, “Diet”, “Fat-burning” or “I can’t believe it’s not…!”

I’m sure I’m familiar with the term, “Eat to live, not live to eat.” But I’m sure that given a choice, I would rather spend $10 on a bellyful of an entrée, with maybe a side or crave-sating dessert, rather than any humongous, super-sized…



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