Confessional Poetry

Yesterday, I learned about confessional poets, and read a few works of Slyvia Plath and Anne Sexton. A confessional poet is basically one who writes and emphasizes usually on the intimate and unflattering details of one’s life, and has the power to make a reader slightly uncomfortable. The Academy of American Poets define confessional poetry as “(…) the poetry of the personal or “I.””

 Slyvia Plath’s works disturbed throughly, reminding me of an eerie nursery rhyme, written so simply that a child may understand, but with connotations so deep that a child should ever meet with some (of these poems). In fact, I also learnt in class the details of her suicide, she turned on her oven, knelt before it, and stuck her head into it, pilot light off..

I wonder, how it feels like…

Their works intrigue me, enticing temptations, as dazzling and dangerous as a dancing fire…


Should I try writing a confessional poem?


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