Everything’s Different Now…

It’s been ages since I touched my blog. My excuse is that I’ve been overwhelmed by so much since I got home to Malaysia. After all, it has been a year and a half out there in Texas, with my closest relative there being my cousin, Stephanie.

Not that it was in any way bad, she was and is extremely awesome for being the “mature-er” cousin. ;P

But the changes I’ve undergone since I’ve left are just so apparent now that I’ve returned. But I left pretty much straight out of high school, and learned to be arguably independent (Note my disclaimer!), returning only to find to a rather blurry line of how I was to behave and be treated. As a kid, or an adult?

Walk the line by ~PhilipMatthews

Well, either way, I think studying overseas and being pushed out of my comfort zone were key experiences to how I turned out. Before this, I was quiet, frustrated and very much spoiled. Now, I’m more laid back, yet hyper (Interesting how that turns out.), outspoken, more prone to laughter, and ready and willing to wing it.

I’ve been having people over at my house, actually taking an interest in fashion, exploring KL, taking the LRT, performing on stages, trying to get Malaysians to dance the Cupid Shuffle in Sunway mall, meeting incredible young talents, so full of life.

All this makes me look back and think,

“I did not do enough when I was younger.”

If anything, leaving home has taught me to look at my country in another light, to be more critical yet more nostalgic and appreciative of everything.

So for that, I thank you, America


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