Oh dear.. Technology.


Please do forgive me for my infrequent updates.. It surprises me that even though this blog has long since ceased to be the daily quiet room of mine, it still retains a healthy amount of visits to the archives. (Has anyone met the crypt keeper?)

Well, in case you were wondering what is worth reading on here. My stats show that a majority of the 50 people a day have looked at Old tribal designs, A Henna tattoo, MY kind of boy (I guess men are still trying to figure us girls out.), and CHEESY wedges (Thank you KFC, and Gary from high school btw.) What a strange combination, you silly readers, thank you for still reading though =D

Anyways, I have not much to say here today. Much like a person who I’ve ceased to talk to, but have shared many memories with, this blog may stand as reminder of our mutual past and now and then I may even start some small talk. Hopefully, I will remember its name. Don’t you just hate it when you forget someone’s name while they affectionately call yours out upon meeting. Oh gosh, it’s just so.. awkward.

Well, my blog will never forget my name, and I will remember meeting it, all those years ago, from when it was a Friendster which evolved into a Blogspot, which upgraded to a WordPress, all due to my best friend’s pressuring. (Sufiz is blog-dead now, FYI.) Now, I have almost no relevant readers, or real reason to keep a running record of thoughts or events, and college is definitely a discouraging factor.

(Keeping off the Freshman 15 or the other not as famous pounds of future college years is already so over-talked about that I just don’t feel right subjecting readers to another spiel.)

So, until the next time we meet my dear blog, I guess I have made another pleasant little memory with you. May you do the same too reader.

I am very fond of you, you know? =)

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