Acoustic Music. And How my Sneaky Mother Got Me Started.

So I really love music, and have had classical training in piano ever since my mum tricked me into it by promising I’d learn how to play Fur Elise.

She neglected to mention the other years of practice i’d have to do AFTER learning that piece. Sneaky.

As for guitar, my best friend collected a bunch of other friends and they all got me an acoustic guitar on my sweet 16th. I learnt simple chords, and shortly after began writing songs and performing later on from there. [Shameless self-plug: Lex’s Youtube ]

One thing I do miss about Malaysia are all my musician friends who I can just say, “Eh, jom. Let’s jam.” 

So when I head back this December, I’m going to say just that.

Here’s a video. They’re good. Knock yourself out.


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