Worlds Collide

Home is awesome. Most of the time.

But being away by myself for so long can also end up in lots of miscommunication, especially when one gets accustomed to living a certain way.

Is my way always right? No. Do I know everything? No.

But do I at least know what I want? Most of the time.

Will I always got through with it? No.

I don’t always have to have my way, but I’d like to least be able to voice my opinion and have others at least contemplate what I say instead of always meeting with an immediate “You’re stubborn and wrong.”

I think of others too, but sometimes it’s also good to think of what I want to do if I were completely selfish.. To achieve a balance between the two.

It’s good to know that the person you’re talking to is putting themselves in your shoes to see where you are heading. The big picture.

And that’s why sometimes, total strangers are more bearable than family in rough times.


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