Dodging Hypocrisy

Since I got Ms. Megan updating her blog, I figured I write a little something too, though I am nowhere near as productive.

Well, moving into a new apartment in Dallas, TX is a lot more exhausting than one may think. Then there’s the whole temptation of filling it with.. Stuff that costs $$$. Personally, I’ve never felt more at war with myself for stockpiling my kitsch checkerboard kitchen with Ace’s $10-worth of Mason Jars.



No, I’m not getting paid for this =(

They’re not the fancy 2014 BALL® HERITAGE COLLECTION SPRING GREEN MASON JARS celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the “Perfection” jar, but here is what I gather –


Look how Big Red Kitchen does it!

On the one hand, you get drink-ware, serve-ware, bake-ware, microwave-ware, pickle-ware and storage-ware all folded into elegant glass. If all else fails, you can even turn them into tealights for a wedding, or goodness gracious, grow spices in them!

On the other hand.. It’s $10.





And now I can say I wrote about…  *cough*  …Ball®s.

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