Trajectory of a bullet in flight is governed by a combination of the initial speed, the ballistic coefficient of the bullet, the angle at which it is fired, and external factors such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air pressure.

Yesterday, a friend of mine was shot four times in the chest.

I think the worst part of it all was that I think I knew who shot her, and I knew how they were some days.

They had a relationship, not perfect by any means, punctuated by bouts of violence, but they were the Momma & Poppa of the motley crew. I looked to them for lessons good or bad, and I knew them as imperfect human beings like us.

Momma was a strong, hot-tempered, graceful woman who chastised men and women for their body hair phobia, and Poppa was a little gruff, short with people, and never let a friend leave in need.

It’s a strange situation, I’m torn between the guilt of rooting for at least him to escape this tragedy and the guilt, that I may be rooting for a friend who double-tapped a friend twice.

Death is a strange beast.

Rest In peace Angela Godley, I miss you.


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