Tick Tock.

Time doesn’t stop.

We can move away, we can ignore the phone calls and messages people send us, we can even keep calling or sending texts to no avail.

But people will move on, surroundings will change.

It’s the usual question of, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one was around to see it, did it really fall?”

I’m writing this for the people who are escaping. Who are somehow denying change, struggling to scoop water in cupped palms, working to ignore the problems past the valley.

Please acknowledge all this, and if you can make a change, do it if you want. But even if you no longer have the ability or right to change someone else’s mind or go back in time, please continue to live life with no regrets.

It’s painful otherwise, for you and those around you who see you suffering that way.


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